Sunday, November 3, 2013

Outfit post : The Elegant Red Lips

Let's SMILE with Red Lips
Hi November! It's another new month.. Time passes so fast, it's already November now, one more month will be my birthday and 2014... Let's start the November post with my outfit yesterday. Yesterday I followed my boyfren to a wedding dinner... My sister Tiffany help me to dress up and she ask me to try on Red Lipstick. Seriously, I really like to see girls wearing red lipstick because it is super sexy but not me... Cause I think red lipstick doesn't suit me :( But after I tried yesterday, it looks good actually! What you guys think ?? When you come to red lipstick, your eye make up must be as light as possible so your red lipstick will 'stood out' :) 
My outfit yesterday
A Vellfire as background LOL... Sorry

 Dress from Forever 21 // Clutch from F Block // Red heels from Zara
(Sorry, I'm still in DIET mood ok ??)
The MAKE of the day :)
Maybe next time I can try to put red lipstick more when I go out :)
See ya next time~